Advice on Putting Your Stuff in Long Term Storage

Advice on Putting Your Stuff in Long Term Storage

There are many families and individuals who have a lot of property in their home that is usually in the way. This property is usually valuable meaning it can not be discarded and usually contains collectibles antiques special family attachments and other things that are not immediately useful but are too important to throw or give away. Overtime families and individuals realize that this type of property can not be held in a house. It takes up too much space that can be occupied by property that is more important or more useful. Rather than making a painful decision that you can regret later take advantage of the long-term storage solutions in your community.

Long-term storage space can be used to store important items for many months or even years if not forever. This storage solution is great for giving individuals and families a place to keep things that can be useful or extremely valuable again sometime in the foreseeable future. Long-term storage can be paid in annual or monthly increments making it easy for the average family or employer to afford. This storage solution also provides families and individuals with a safe place to store important things when there is no place in the home. Although long-term storage space is the perfect solution for many who have no immediate storage experience the process may be confused. Before giving up the idea of using long-term storage use this simple to remember advice that makes your long-term storage experience easier and more fun.

If you plan to store furniture and household appliances for long periods of time it is important that all items stored are carefully cleaned before even looking inside a storage device. Microwaves and deep freezers are two things that need to be extremely precise cleaning to remove all food particles crumbs and dried spills. The furniture must also be cleaned to remove food particles. Many do not realize that couches and love chairs often contain crumbs of snack foods thanks to adults and children. To get these crumbs clean vacuum under all the sofas of a couch gently. Also wipe down all surfaces like table tops and sofa cushions. After all clean all covers and furniture cover with plastic to keep them safe from dust and dirt.

Use plastic containers for packaging when possible instead of using the traditional cardboard carton. Yes plastic containers are more expensive than boxes but this is a case to get what you pay for. A good plastic container will be longer than a carton and will help you keep your clothes and other belongings safe from accidental spillage and leakage that may occur occasionally. When you have purchased plastic containers be sure to fill them completely before closing them. If there is any lost space in the container fill it with a cloth or magazine to avoid changing after storage. Only when the container is packed tight should you try to close it. Always make sure that the plastic container is completely sealed before storing it and even consider securing it with a sealing tape as an extra precaution. If you store fabrics or clothes remember to add mothballs in the container to protect your items from damage.

One thing youll never forget to do is clean your storage device before moving any of your belongings. This is something most people forget because they are so busy trying to find a storage facility that offers long-term arrangements and then packing their items up for storage. Do not clear your storage device when you store items for months or years can lead to contamination and infestations. Although the storage company may seem as reputable you have no way of knowing what kind of people hired the storage device in front of you. Once assigned carefully gently sweep or vacuum the entire area. Damp the walls and even the ceiling if you can reach it. Spray for insects and put down rodent or insect traps and then place plastic or to lay down on the ground to put your belongings on. Always avoid placing your belongings directly on the floor of the storage unit.

Last but not least prepare for any rodent attack. Its easy to forget that your storage device can be home to thousands of small pests but its possible. Especially if you do not take time to clean your storage device or clean your belongings. If you visit your storage device one day and discover that your device is filled with bugs or even rodent do not panic. Calm yourself and work to get rid of the pests. Invest in a certain strong injection and splash inside the unit and if possible if possible. Never leave the can of insect spray inside the device as they are flammable and may cause fire in the future.

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